A raincoat for Addy

Now that we live in land of drizzly rain, I decided that Addy should have a raincoat! I pulled out my go-to coat pattern (used here for a winter coat and here for a lighter weight coat) and asked Addy to pick out a laminate at the lqs.
Surprisingly, Addy chose a print without pink in it! And it was nearly a miracle that I had a matching fabric in my stash to use for lining! But not quite a miracle, because I forgot to cut out the sleeves. And then didn’t have enough fabric for them – so I used a coordinating print! 🙂

Here’s the coat:
Front details: 
 Velcro closure:
 Lining – raindrops, of course!
 Toggles on elastic cord to tighten the hood. I added this detail because last year her hood didn’t stay up very well:
 This is the coordinate that I used for the sleeves:
Coat back: 
 Happy girl!
I really love how this turned out. I wish I had a good pattern for an adult rain coat, but I’m not sure if I could pull off the big flower print. Maybe a simpler print for the exterior with raindrop lining? 😉
Laminate is from Sunny Daze
I sewed this coat up in a size 5, maybe we’ll get 2 years out of it!

10 responses to “A raincoat for Addy

  1. Oh my goodness. So so cute. I want one in me-size! My garment sewing skills end at hallowe'en costumes that are essentially jumpsuits with gathered wrists and ankles.

  2. That is super amazing!! I have Heather Bailey laminate for a raincoat for my granddaughter and I was going to have someone else make it. Should I attempt it myself??I did have my own raincoat made out of AMH laminate (it's in my flickr photostream) and I get comments every.single.time. I wear it. It is SOOO cute. I love it so much.I highly recommend making, or have someone make, one for you.

  3. Just beautiful! Love your added extra details too – the elastic around the hood is really cool and velcro closure will make it really easy to get on and off – thanks for sharing x

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