Modern Quilted Tote

Have I mentioned that I have a ton of sewing to do for my sister’s wedding? Well, I do. And as a true procrastinator, I decided to start a new project in lieu of working on the wedding quilt.
A few days ago Elizabeth posted her technique for creating patchwork panels, as she used in her Weekender Bag. I’ve been itching to make a patchwork tote lately, so I tossed aside my sewing obligations and started digging through my stash! I didn’t have large enough pieces of Cotton Duck Canvas, but I do have a ton of hymo canvas (also known as haircanvas). Hymo canvas is typically used to add shape to outerwear pieces, but I’ve also read that it has been used in handbags. And while it’s not an inexpensive supply, I don’t have any plans to use it – so I cut into my yardage for this tote!
Modern Quilted Tote

I absolutely L.O.V.E. everything about this bag. At 14″ tall, 11″ wide, and 3″ deep, it’s a great size and shape, and the 25″ long straps make the tote easy to carry.The hymo canvas gives the tote a lot of structure without adding ANY stiffness.
Modern Quilted Tote

For my quilting and construction, I used a slightly different style than Elizabeth. I pieced my tote panels using the hymo canvas and a layer of cotton batting as a foundation (very similar to how I piece my scrap blocks). After my panels were pieced, I quilted them with very dense organic lines.

Modern Quilted Tote

The two sides of the tote are unique.

Modern Quilted Tote

When I first started this project, I knew the approximate size and shape that I wanted for the finished tote. The dense quilting took quite awhile, during which time I started to think more about the construction. I decided to try a new (to me) style by folding the top of the tote down by 2″. I attached the straps inside the tote as well, so that they appeared to be seamless from the outside.

Modern Quilted Tote

To further secure the straps to the tote, I added metal rivets. They are visible from inside:

Modern Quilted Tote

And on the exterior of the tote:

Modern Quilted Tote

You may see a few more of these totes around here soon. I have enough hymo canvas for 3 more totes, I think. After that, I may have to look into a reasonably priced source to purchase more!

This tote is now listed in the shop!


16 responses to “Modern Quilted Tote

  1. Everything about it is awesome! I LOVE the dense lines, the fabric choices are great, and the overall shape of the bag is awesome. Looks like it would make a great library bag.

  2. That is possibly the most beautiful tote I have ever seen. I love everything about it and the quilting just adds to an already perfect design. Amazing.

  3. Love that tote! And I totally do the procrastination thing, too. Have a trip coming up, need to pack? Think I'll make myself a new purse instead… 🙂

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