Purple and Grey Goodness!

Last year I made this mini quilt for my coffee table. We’ve been using it ever since then, and I really like it. It adds a bit of color to the room and it’s a great coaster/table mat! Unfortunately that means that it will get dirty…and get dirty it did. I tossed the mini quilt into the wash a few weeks ago and was quite disappointed to see that it shrunk up about 1″ in both directions! It still “worked”, but I was unhappy that a once perfected-fitted mini was now an odd-ball size. (The center of our coffee table/ottoman has a wooden table area with a lip around it, as seen below. I made the mini to fit exactly within this area…until recently!)
9-Patch Mini
So I made a new mini! This time I made it about 1″ larger in either direction and washed it as soon as I was finished binding it. It’s a tiny bit big in the width, but I’m happy with it!
Purple and Grey Goodness!
I used big chunks of some of my favorite prints, and each log is quilted in a different style from Angela Walter’s book. It was a fun way to play around with different quilting styles, and I just love how it turned out!
Purple and Grey Goodness!
Purple and Grey Goodness!
Purple and Grey Goodness!
Purple and Grey Goodness!
On the back I used a large piece of a print from Anna Maria Horner’s Innocent Crush line and a bit of bikes by Erin McMorris (this is one of my all time favorite prints!).
Purple and Grey Goodness - back
Although there isn’t a ton of the orangey-coral color in the mini, I had to use the peach bikes for binding. I love that it’s such a soft color and just flows with the rest of the mini quilt!
Here’s a shot of the shrunken mini stacked on top of the new mini. That’s quite a bit of shrinkage for such a small quilt! (Finished size of Purple and Grey Goodness is approximately 14.75″ x 20.75″.)
9-Patch Mini
And here’s the Purple and Grey Goodness being put to use!
Purple and Grey Goodness!
I’m digging the change from the brightly colored 9-patch mini to the more subtle hues of this mini (plus it goes swimmingly with our lavender couch!). Although I will find a home for my 9-patch mini somewhere else, I’m sure!
You know it’s a win when you want to just sit and stare at your finished project! I just wish I had yardage of all of these prints to make a larger quilt now!

6 responses to “Purple and Grey Goodness!

  1. Fun!! A little change never hurt anyone, right? I'm sure you'll find something to do with the other one too. I really like the varied FMQ designs – adds to the fun!

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