Show and Tell!

Wow. I don’t talk about this much, but I love my blog readers! You guys really keep my going. Some days I find it hard to get into my creative groove, and your awesome comments always bring me back around. Other days I have an overflowing to do list, but I scrap it all to work on a new tutorial.
I love hearing that my designs inspire you, and that my tutorials are useful. But even better than hearing your words is seeing your work! I’ve created a flickr group, please use it to share your creations! Feel free to use the discussion feature as well, and I’ll hop in with comments or answers to questions.
I love your blog comments, so keep them coming! And if you have a question that may benefit others as well, feel free to post it in the flickr discussion area now!

I also started a pinterest board where I keep track of my own work. I thought I’d share that here as well, since it’s a great visual record of the projects on my blog. I have added all of my quilts to the board, but some of my other older sewing projects may not have made it up there quite yet.

If you have any comments or suggestions on how YOU can benefit more from these features, please chime in. Despite growing up in the technology boom, I’m not the most savvy social media user!

And seriously, thank you for keeping me going! You all inspire me more than I can ever express in words!


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