A Mod Christmas!

When I was playing around with ideas for the Dresden Challenge, I came up with this mini. It was ultimately set aside, but I do still love it! I like the wreath shape that resulted from all of the wonky wedges.
Mod Christmas
As time consuming as it is, I went with pebble quilting on this piece. Originally I put some quilting in the wreath as well, but I unpicked that stitching. The pebble background really makes the wreath shape pop, which I love.
detail shot!
As I was finishing up this mini, I ran out of the aqua that I used for the background. That gave me a good excuse to use a knife edge binding. (And I should also note that after I finished the mini and cleaned up my sewing area, I found some more of the aqua solid under another project. Opps!)
knife edge binding
On the back I included 2 small tabs for hanging.
Knife edge binding and hanging tabTypically I would slide I small dowel rod through the tabs, but Matt came up with another way of using them when we don’t have a dowel rod:
knife edge binding
Push pins are great for hanging small quilts, and with the tabs on the back I can hide them from sight and also avoid putting holes in my mini quilts!
A corner of the knife edge binding:
knife edge binding
Fabric is 12 Days of Christmas by Kate Spain and Kona in robin egg.
I know it’s a bit early for Christmas, but it will be here before we know it! I’ve listed this mini in the shop!

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