Name that Tote! *Giveaway!*

I’ve been babbling about this tote for what seems like forever now. I’m working on a pattern for it, and I also have a few of these totes for sale in a local shop and on etsy. I have worked out all of the details in the design and the instructions, but I’m stuck on a name for it! Here are some shots of a tote I made recently:
Modern Everyday ToteModern Everyday ToteModern Everyday ToteModern Everyday Tote 
The original tote can be found here.
I made a custom tote, which I blogged about here.
And there are several other totes here.
Help me name my tote, and you could win this cute little zip pouch:
Zip Pouch for Giveaway!
The pouch measures 5″ tall x 8″ wide x 2″ deep and is lined with a laminated cotton print:
Zip Pouch for Giveaway!
Before I send the pouch off, I will STUFF it full of some fun scraps!
Scraps for Giveaway!
Here’s how to enter:
Let’s set the limit to 3 suggestions per person.
Leave each suggestion in a SEPARATE comment.
In the event that more than one person suggests the name that I like best, the zip pouch will go to the first person to suggest the name.
I’ll choose the name I like best some time Monday, August 6rd!
Ready…… set …… GO!

42 responses to “Name that Tote! *Giveaway!*

  1. Got Everything(?) Tote (You know, like the husbands like to ask…)Practically Everything Tote (maybe this should be reserved for a really big tote)And I'm going to save my third guess for later. 😉

  2. Read About Town! Or perhaps The Librarian. It looks like you could fill it with some great books, and keep your library ID,keys & phone in the little pouches for easy access.

  3. Been thinking about branding… maybe you should go on a *Girl theme for diff bags to come: "Practical Girl", "Overprepared Girl", "Cell Phone Only Girl", "Girl next door""Practical Girl" for this tote!…and I just realised I'm horrible at following your directions. ^^; Oops!

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