A Mendocino Bedroom!

I finally have a few images of Addy’s big girl room to share!

First up, her big bed with coordinating pillows:
 Another shot (this is from the doorway):
 The fun wave mirrors we found at IKEA on clearance! (The white door leads to the bathroom, the stained door leads to the kitchen. Confusing, I know.)
 If you’re standing where I was when I shot the above photo, the closet door is to your left. And next to the closet door is this awesome toy box. My mom’s friend hand painted it as a gift before I was born. LOVE IT.
And there you have it! A small room with a giant bed for a cute little girl. 🙂

10 responses to “A Mendocino Bedroom!

  1. Lucky girl! Such a great handmade room! Was her bed converted from her crib? We have a crib that can do that but haven't gotten to try it yet as we keep having babies!

  2. Gorgeous – your big little girl must be so excited. The headboard of the bed is beautiful and I love the quilt – so grownup!lifesrichpattern@gmail.com

  3. I love all your Mendocino stuff 🙂 That toy box is fantastic, too! How cool that Addy gets to have that now. And my girls both have similar little doll beds with quilts next to their beds 🙂 Very sweet room.

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