A Gumdrop for the dogs!

Remember this pillow? Well, laminate was on sale at the lqs….
 And now I have 2 happy dogs!
The laminate was really easy to work with. For most of the piecing, I was working with the laminate sides together so I had no issues with the fabric feeding well. When needed, I used a special foot with a roller on it to help feed the fabric.
I made a lining for this bag, because I wanted to use the little styrofoam balls from bean bag chairs. I inserted the lining, filled it with beans, closed the lining, and zipped the laminate layer closed! I thought this would make it easier to add beans if these compress a bit, too.
One bit of warning-the ladies at my lqs mentioned that the laminate is a bit thin, so this wouldn’t work well for pets with sharp nails.
I love this pillow! I think it looks great with the other fabrics in our living room and at night we often drag it into our room for the one of the dogs to curl up in!
(Oh, fabric is Heirloom and Loulouthi!)

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