Don’t Scrap Your Scraps! Project 5: Using Charms and Other Large Scraps

For the 5th and final scrap project, I have another quilt to share! I made this quilt from a charm pack, but it could easily be made from any large scraps. My scraps are conveniently cut into 5″ squares, so I may use this as a scrap buster in the future!
I began by piecing my scraps/charms into long strips. I used 4 strips for this quilt, 3 on the front and 1 on the back. With my strips pieced, I chose a coordinating solid for the front and back. On the front I used a quilter’s linen in straw, and on the back I used a similarly colored kona.
With my fabrics chosen, I played around with arranging the pieced strips until I was happy with the design. I only had a yard of my quilter’s linen, so that limited my size and layout (not to mention I think I cut my quilter’s linen wrong 3 times. There’s a reason I included 3 strips in the quilt top!)
When I had the top pieced I felt that something was missing, so I grabbed a few coordinating charms and appliqued the recipient’s name in the lower righthand corner. (Ignore the goofy sun spot over the name!)

The back is a kona solid, I quilted straight lines about 1″ apart, and used a green print for the binding:

 This quilt finished at 36.5″ x 39.5″.
Fabric is Plume by Tula Pink.
Quilter’s linen for the top and Kona for the back.

Thanks for following along as I sewed through some of my scraps! I still haven’t quite been overcome by the scrap-saving bug, but it is fun to see these ideas sewn up. I think my favorite projects were the improv blocks from the first quilt and the mendocino pillow, and I can see myself sewing more of those from some of my favorite scraps!
P.S. Zoe was also the recipient of Addy’s first quilt!

5 responses to “Don’t Scrap Your Scraps! Project 5: Using Charms and Other Large Scraps

  1. I have loved your scrap ideas!! You really know how to crank out the quilts. It's fun to see all your awesome scrap fabric. I would want to throw that cute fabric away either.

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