Farmer’s Wife Blocks

I know I haven’t blogged about these recently, but I’m still sewing away! I have 14 blocks finished right now, so I think I’m pretty close to caught up with the group. I’ve decided to work on them at my own pace, rather than feel pressured to keep up. I also decided to work through the solids and fq set that I have, without stressing over how I will have enough fabric for all of the blocks. I may end up with a table topper, a lap quilt, or a bed quilt. Only time will tell. 😉
So, about those blocks! Here’s what I’ve got finished at this point:

Blocks, left to right:
Row 1: Attic Windows, Autumn Tints, Basket, Basket Weave (I used an alternate layout from what’s in the book)
Row 2: Bat Wing, Big Dipper, Birds in the Air
Row 3: Broken Sugar Bowl, Bow Tie, Box, Butterfly at the Crossing
Row 4: Buckwheat, Bouquet, Broken Dishes

Fabric is Holiday Happy by Monica Solorio-Snow (Happy Zombie!)
Solids are from the lqs, various manufacturers
Flickr group for Farmer’s Wife Quilt Along

I’m really happy with how these blocks look when they are all together!


4 responses to “Farmer’s Wife Blocks

  1. I'm glad you posted these; they're all so fun to see! I haven't decided on my fabric yet!! I have tons of scraps but I do want them to be somewhat coordinated. Maybe this week I'll make the plunge and sew a block!

  2. Your blocks look so good! I really like how you laid them out and provided the block names. There are just so many, I really appreciate having the block and name to go with it. These are from a book called Farmer's Wife are they?Cheers,Carolyn

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