Birthday party in a weekend!

Having just moved here, Addy doesn’t have any little friends yet. But she really wanted a birthday party, and how do you say know to that?!? So in less than 3 days I made some quick decisions about what to make, buy, cook, etc. and had everything ready just in time for a few guests (yay for Matt’s work friends and neighbors!).
Addy’s favorite color is pink, and we found some pink and purple tissue paper to decorate with. So I spent the night before the party making this tablerunner:

Matt helped out my making all of the tissue paper pom-poms:

They make the room so festive!

Then I whipped up a few goodie bags for the kids. (No pink here! Boy bags were made from an Echino print with airplanes and girl bags were made from a FFAII print.)

Inside the bags I put a pencil, a snack bag, and a “kiddie portfolio” that holds crayons, paper, chalk, and a small chalk board:

I also picked up some beads and string for the big kids, and a safe toy for the little ones.
Toss in a little bit of grilling, some store-bought cupcakes, and some new toys to open, and we had a great party!
Happy 4th Birthday, Addy!


8 responses to “Birthday party in a weekend!

  1. I am so sorry but I was disconnected from the internet and did not realize it and kept clicking on the submit button. Then when I reconnected all the clicks showed up. I am embarrassed but just wanted to commend you for the birthday challenge you conquered. Looks like a great time.

  2. You made such nice decorations and I'm sure she had a wonderful party. The goodie bags are too cute and will be terrific for those times when little ones need to be entertained.

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