Thanks, Moda!

When I bought my jelly roll for the Postage Stamp Quilt Along, I found 2 bad strips in the bunch. One of them looked to have come from the end of the bolt, so 1 long edge was jagged and clearly not 2.5″ wide. The other strip had several folds in it, so the width varied along the strip.
It just happened the the jelly roll I chose had 42 strips in it, and I only needed 40. So I set the 2 bad strips aside and got sewing. One day  I remembered to take a picture of the strips, and I sent it on to Moda customer service. I didn’t expect anything to come of it, but I wanted to tell them about the issue.
Well, within hours I had a rely to my email, with an offer to send me a complimentary jelly roll!
A few days later my package arrived, and I was SO excited to find this inside:

I *adore* this fabric line. I even have a charm pack tucked away, waiting for an idea to strike me. So now it looks like I will have even more to play with!
I was really impressed with the customer service at Moda, and I felt that they went above and beyond. Thank You, Moda!

6 responses to “Thanks, Moda!

  1. i'm still working on my postage stamp quilt – but i think we got jelly rolls out of the same batch. a few of mine were wonky too and as i'm lining up blocks i'm trying not to least i like wonky, right?

  2. I'm very impressed! Good for you for following through with a company. Years ago I opened a pickle jar I had just purchased…something not quite right with the smell and looks inside. I contacted the company and one day I received a Fedex sampler package of about 9 different pickles–along with the nicest letter of apology. I definitely will always remember that company and looks like Moda likes to make things right, too! p.s. I still need to finish my postage stamp quilt–it's sandwiched and needs quilting.

  3. (I'm a bit behind on my blog reading..)Wow great customer service especially because you received some Hideaway! Lucky gal. 🙂

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