FWQAL – My first few blocks!

If you’re just hoping over, check out this post for an explanation of how I prepare my paper templates and use them to cut my fabric.

I wanted to get started on a few blocks, but I don’t yet have the solids that I plan to use. My plan is to work through the blocks in numberical order beginning with #1, but I chose #1 and #3 as my first two blocks because I wasn’t using solids in either of them.
Left: #1, Attic Windows
Right: #3, Basket Weave (I arranged my fabrics in a different order than in the book)

It was really fun to make these little guys (6.5″ unfinished), and I love, love, love this fabric line. I’m hoping to stretch the 25 fat quarters along with solids to make the queen size quilt for our bed. The idea of a Christmas bed quilt just makes me so happy!

Fabric is Holiday Happy by Monica Solorio-Snow (Happy Zombie) for Lecien.


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