A Pure Pillow

My brother’s birthday was last week. So when I started thinking of gift ideas, I asked Addy if she’d like to make him a pillow. I happened to have an extra charm pack of Pure, which is perfect for a guy!

She chose her favorite charm squares and we sewed the top in a simple 9-patch:

 The back has a simple envelope closure made up of 2 flaps, each made up of 6 charms:

 And in the upper right corner on the back I added a little label. Usually I would program my machine to stitch out the words, but Addy was really antsy to finish the pillow. So we hurried through the final steps and I added the label later:

The front of the pillow is quilted in a random straight line style. You can see the quilting details in the first picture.
Addy really loves giving her handmade gifts, and my brother loved the colors! Maybe we will use up the rest of that charm pack making him a few more pillows to coordinate. 🙂
Happy (slightly late now) birthday, Robbie!

PS Over the next few weeks we will be traveling about and settling down in Seattle (which is also why I’ve been extra quiet around here recently). After we settle down, I have TWO new quilts to share! I love them both, which is making it very hard to gift them. 🙂

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