A Spring Wreath

Every year after the Christmas hustle we have a few weeks before my mom’s birthday, my mother in law’s birthday, and then my father in law’s birthday! It’s hard to come up with gift ideas so soon after the holidays, so this year I pulled out some of my books for inspiration.

I love this book, everything in it is just so cute! Neither my mom or mother in law are bird lovers, but I managed to find inspiration despite that! I found this wreath and decided that it would be the perfect spring accent for a front door:
Fabric wreath with birdie1
I pulled out a bunch of colorful fat quarters that had been sitting in my stash for far too long. The first wreath used up all of the strips that I had cut, so for the second wreath I cut into my batiks. I forgot to take a pic of the batik wreath before I gave it to my mom, but here’s a pic of my mother in law’s wreath:
This was the smallest hoop at my JoAnn’s, and after tying all of those strips I wish it had been smaller. It’s not so big that it wouldn’t fit on a front door, though, so it works. 🙂
I also made up a few reusable birthday bags:
Now, what to make for my father in law?

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