My Sleepover Bag

A few years ago I made myself the Amy Butler Weekender Bag. It was not an easy project, and I think it sat in my closet for several months before I finished it. I’ve used it tons, but there are a few little things about it that I was never satisfied with. I always planned on making another one, until I found the Sleepover Bag pattern by Melly and Me. I love the whimsy of the Melly and Me patterns, and the bag looked pretty easy to construct. So into my stash the pattern went. 😉

Then at the end of last year we were getting ready to visit my parents for the holidays. It was after Christmas so all of my gifts were made, and I was itching to sew something for myself! I happened across the new Amy Butler Soul Blossoms line at the lqs, and decided I needed my new bag. In three days. (I needed it for the trip to my mom’s, of course!) Yeah, I have these impulses a lot.
I had to include my new rainboots in the picture. My parents bought them for me for Christmas, and I think I’ve worn them every day since they arrived! Besides, they match my bag. 🙂
The pattern was really straightforward and easy to follow. All of the pieces are quilted before assembly, and everything fits together really well. The technique used to attach the lining results in no raw edges inside the bag, which is my kind of bag! The handles are made using 2 thicknesses of batting, giving them that poofy look that usually requires cording. The front of the bag has 2 pockets which close with magnetic snaps (and they are the perfect size for a phone charger!). And my most favorite part is the bottom corners!
I love how the corners are boxed out and used as a design detail. And it makes a great place for a label! (The bag ends lay better when the bag is full. I didn’t stuff it quite enough for the photos but my clothes for a weekend trip fill it out just about perfectly!)
The pattern does not call for any interior pockets. I almost included a zipper pocket, but decided that I wouldn’t use it. I visit my mom every few weeks, so I’m a “seasoned” weekend traveler. Inside my weekend bag I keep a toiletry case with most everything I need for a trip. Anything extra that I decide to pack goes in the toiletry bag as well, so I’m not sure what I’d put in a bag interior pocket.
I’m really happy with the bag, and I will definitely turn to this pattern again in the future.

17 responses to “My Sleepover Bag

  1. Oh I LOVE this bag. I'm going to have to track down that pattern to make for myself. It looks great in the fabrics you chose. And the rainboots are totally cute with it. 😉

  2. Very pretty! I love this sewing pattern, and I love the Weekender pattern too! I think this bag looks amazing in the fact that you were able to use several different fabrics. It looks very useful and modern!

  3. Hi there,Great work! Perfect for weekends away…even the rainy ones :)QUESTION: Please could you tell me about your labels? Did you order them from somewhere? Or maybe they're printed in a printer? Have got a few orders for fabric-y things and am thinking I'll attach a label…just not sure where to start (and a quick internet search didn't get me too far).Many thanks. Keep crafting!PS. I'll look back here for a reply b/c maybe others are also interested?

  4. I bought my labels here, they were great to work with: is also this etsy shop that was recommended to me, but I chose the one above b/c it's a US shop: of those labels are woven.I have have printed tags that I can fold in half and stick in a seam. Those I got here:'ve ordered from her several times and I really like her.I hope that helps!

  5. Eeek! Love it! I bought the Weekender Bag Pattern and fabric for it over a year ago and haven't touched it since. I think I will be digging it out after seeing this! Thanks for linking up to {Sew} Modern Monday!

  6. Ooh, this *does* help, QuiltyGirl! Those fold-in-half-and-stick-in-a-seam ones are just what I was looking for! And how great to support another Etsy-er. Love it.Now, I'll have to think about positioning of the logo itself: shall I use the entire label surface (so the log is 'bent' in half?) or design it such that the bottom half is blank? (so that after the fold the entire logo is visible). Hmm. Decisions, decisions.Thank you muchly!Lori

  7. Great bag!! I made a Weekender bag once and that was it for me, but I long for a nice big bag. Thanks for the review and recommendation! I'll have to look into this pattern. 🙂

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