Even Santa gives handmade!

Addy is on the fence about Santa. It’s probably partly because we don’t harp on the whole idea of Santa. We don’t do the good girl/bad girl thing or threaten her to behave, and talking up the Santa thing just seems odd to me. It’s also probably partly because I made many of her gifts. She knows my fabric stash too well, and she assumes that I make most everything in our house. In fact, she used to try to tell Matt that I made the plastic plates that she eats off of!

I have From An Igloo to thank for most of the gifts that we made Addy this year! For her main gift, Matt made this doll bed and I made the bedding. I had seen the bed months ago, but it wasn’t until From An Igloo blogged about her doll bed that I remembered the project and what a great gift it would make for Addy. As a bonus, Christine blogged about the bedding that she made – that meant I could sew from her measurements which saved me some time!

For the pillowcases and quilt I used the City Weekend collection. The bed sheet was made from a woven that I had in my stash. I used a charm pack for the quilt, and decided to make it reversible! I also quilted it in a more modern style, with random straight double lines.
I’d like to pick up a fat quarter of one of the pink prints so that I can make another set of pillow cases to match the other side of the quilt.

I was a bit nervous that this gift wouldn’t be a huge hit. With Matt living across the country, I never really found my holiday groove. In fact, we didn’t even START this gift until 3 days before Christmas! But she loves it, and it’s definitely something that she will play with for years. In fact, I made an extra sheet for the bed, and one of Addy’s favorite things to do is change the bedding when her babies wake up!
Next up, more doll-relating gifts!


6 responses to “Even Santa gives handmade!

  1. I got my 4 year old, well Santa did, a used dollhouse from the 70's and I thought about making a doll sized quilt for the bed. Glad I found yours now I see how cute it can be. THanks!

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