The cubbie hole quilt

The entire time that I was arranging and piecing this quilt, all I could think of were the cubbie holes at Addy’s preschool where the kids put their coats and backpacks. I actually have this similar, but more complicated, Aardvark pattern in my stash. I used that pattern as a starting point and simplified it to work with the yardage that I bought. I started with 10 half-yard cuts, and I used just about every little bit of it!
I bought a bunch of the Verna line by Kate Spain when I stopped at a quilt shop near my mom’s house, and as soon as I got it home I knew that the fabric was perfect for my friend Suzanne. She just finished up her last year of medical school, so of course a quilted gift was in order!

 Backing is Kona with a small pieced detail.

Finished measurements were about 60″x80″.
Quilted in a small meandering pattern.

6 responses to “The cubbie hole quilt

  1. Oh lovely! It's always amazing (to me) how effective a simple pattern can be. Love the small pieced detail in the back. And great quilting to boot!

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