Teacher gifts

Over the next few weeks or so I’m going to be posting all of the handmade gifts that we gave this Christmas.  This was by far the most stressful year for me, with some very late nights (4:30am – YIKES!!) and last minute hand stitching on Christmas Eve and day! But I also think this year includes some of my best gift ideas. None of the gifts were Christmas themed, so maybe I’ll give you a few ideas for your gift giving throughout 2011!

I’ve been reading craft blogs about teacher gifts throughout December, but it didn’t occur to me until two weeks ago that I should do something for Addy’s teachers! I guess I just forget that she has “school”, so teacher gifts never made it on my list. (Addy goes to a Mom’s Day Out program twice a week for 3 hours in the morning, so not “real” preschool.)
I decided that covered moleskines and matching coffee cup cozies would be fast to whip up. Addy chose the fabrics for these, and I made 6 different sets. I used two different sizes of moleskines, and Addy chose to give the smaller ones to her teachers.

The adorable gift tags were made by Stephanie.

Covered moleskine tutorial here. (I used the strongest no-sew Heat n’ Bond.)
Coffee cozy tutorial here. (I acutally adapted this pattern, because I wanted a slightly larger cozy.)


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