Christmas Napkins

We spent a few days last week visiting a friend in Milwaukee. While we were visiting, we used cloth napkins at every meal. At our house, we don’t use a ton of paper napkins, but it got me thinking that we really should switch to cloth. So when we got home I whipped up a few of these!
I’ve seen these cute tree napkins in the local quilt shops, but the kits tend to include fabrics that I don’t like. A quick search on the internet lead me to this free pattern!
I had 3 1/2 yard cuts of Kate Spain’s 12 days of Christmas, so I was able to sew up 6 napkins.

This fabric line is really fun to work with, and I love how the napkins turned out!

Don’t forget to stop over at QuiltStory today for Fabric Tuesday! I’m linking up this project, so stop by and see what others have to share.


7 responses to “Christmas Napkins

  1. Those are great napkins! πŸ™‚ I've never thought of doing them in that shape! I've got two sets of cloth napkins now (some store bought, others handmade) and we don't buy paper anymore (except for cleaning the bathroom!) It makes me feel a little better about our place in this world! πŸ™‚

  2. Nice napkins! We have switched to cloth napkins, too, but mine are just plain squares made out of fabric I really didn't like. Maybe it is time to invest in CUTE!

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