Lots of little projects!

Sometimes I feel like I haven’t gotten anything done lately, and then I remember 4 or 5 small projects that I finished recently.  These small projects don’t usually make it to the blog, either, because I forget about them!  So here’s a quick round up of what’s been going on around here:

A set of 4 dish towels/cloth napkins.  I made these for our friend who is SO kindly letting Matt stay with her in Seattle.
A pumpkin twirl skirt for Addy.  How cute are those mice hiding behind the pumpkins??  The black layer is trimmed in mini pompons.
And a new pincushion for me!  I made this up last night after reading about Noodlehead’s cute Heather Ross version yesterday.  The pattern is by Oh! Fransson, and can be found here.
I love this pincushion because is has a detachable thread catcher and a small organizer.  Plus it matches my sewing room better than my old pincushion!  As a bonus, Oh! Fransson’s tutorial is fabulous.  She includes all of the extra little details that give her pieces an edge on most everyone else.
Hmm, I sound a lot more productive when I document all of my projects!

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