Pumpkin Pie

I picked up a Pumpkins Gone Wild charm pack on clearance awhile back. (Holy cow, this line is from 2 years ago now!)  I’ve been trying to sew from my stash more, so I pulled these out to play with.
I added some Kona in snow (lattice pieces) and espresso (ruffle).

My original plan was to use paper foundations to piece these blocks, but it ended up being much faster to just chain piece. I started with 5″ charm squares, which I cut in half once on the diagonal.  I then pieced the blocks back together with a 1″ strip of Kona snow down the center.  I trimmed all of the blocks to 4.5″ before sewing the blocks together.

I left the batting out of this table runner.  After basting the ruffles to either end, I sewed the backing on with right sides together, turned it right side out, and top stitched.  To keep the top and backing from shifting too much, I tacked buttons down at the seam allowances as shown.  I really like this technique, especially for table runners.  My table runners take a lot of abuse, which means they get washed often.  For a piece like this, that has no quilting to keep the layers together, the buttons work like a charm!  I can pull my table runner straight out of the dryer, no ironing needed. 🙂

A close up of the blocks and buttons:

I love this pattern with these prints.  It reminds me of slices of pie.  Because yes, I slice my pie into quarters. 😉


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