Echino – for girls and guys

First up, I created this for Matt’s iPad.  I wasn’t actually sure if he’d like it or use it, but it’s a huge hit!  It certainly helps that I used some funky Echino featuring vespas.

I constructed this sleeve the same way as my iPad sleeve, but I cut this one down for a snugger fit.  I prefer the snug fit, so I may deconstruct mine and trim it down a bit.
And with the remaining insanely adorable Echino, I whipped up a few bags.  I’ve been eyeing a Vera Bradley hipster bag for awhile now, but I can’t bring myself to buy one.  With the hipster in mind, I created The Seattle Bag:

Our realtor in Seattle is this super fun, hip mom.  She’s just so…..Seattle. šŸ™‚  And she carries a really simple hipster style bag.  Yeah, naming patterns and projects isn’t one of my strengths…

For this particular bag, I created a front outside pocket, which closes with the button tab.  The zipper runs along the top of the bag to keep the style simple and clean.  Inside I included a zipper pocket and another small pocket for things like chap stick.

Top view of the bag.  Button tab is open, showing the outer pocket.

I love the style and shape of this bag, which really allows for showcasing fun fabric.  I may make up a few of these for the shop.

And because I couldn’t bear to waste any of this fabric, I made Addy a small bag.  Nothing fancy, just a simple velcro tab closure with a button accent.

I can’t get over the funky prints that Echino offers.  And now that I’ve worked with the fabric a bit, I think I’m hooked!

8 responses to “Echino – for girls and guys

  1. This is my favorite thing you have made me so far…. In fact, I'll be taking my iPad in it's case down to the hotel bar in just a few minutes to have an adult beverage.

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