Wonky log cabin – selvedge style!

It took me awhile to get into the selvedge sewing trend.  I love to see the projects that people come up with, but simple selvedge piecing just didn’t appeal to me…until I realized that I could incorporate selvedges into a bigger pieced design!

Now that I’ve started working with selvedges, I’m finding it really hard to throw away even the tiniest pieces of fabric.  Which is why I’ve made a FOURTH Hope Valley pillow!  It’s not my favorite, but I think that it’s a nice combination of scrap, improv piecing and the more structured quilting that is my comfort zone.  I really did use up just about every scrap of Hope Valley that I had, which is a good feeling.

I think that I like the back of this pillow even more than the front.  What a nice option to have when I’m making my bed in the morning!

One response to “Wonky log cabin – selvedge style!

  1. I LOVE that pillow!! I have never did any pillow making, but might have to start after seeing how cute the one you made turned out. I wondered if you ever do any tutorials on you tube on your projects…ya know in a step by step fashion? I am fairly new to your blog (for a few weeks now)and I am really loving it!

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