My Sewing Room

I finished the last wallhanging and a few small baskets late last night.  And not a moment too soon, the pictures shown here are some of the same ones that I sent off to the realtor listing our house.  I love the space, and I’ve learned a lot about how to best arrange my workspace.  I can’t thank Steph enough for helping me decide on the fabric to use, paint color, how to arrange the room, etc.  So THANKS!! 🙂

The view from the door:

My sewing area:

My cutting area.  Usually the table is flipped all of the way up:

An IKEA bookcase with some storage boxes:

Some of my favorite details about the room.  My wall art:
The hand embroidered Haitian doll is a pattern from AllSorts.  After hand embroidering, I added a border and wrapped the finished piece around a canvas.  The Love and Peace wallhangings were ideas that I found on the Amy Butler website here.  I changed the dimensions, used different fonts, and added borders.  These were quilted.

Small fabric baskets that I made at the last minute.  Pattern here.

And my chair!

If we were staying in this house, we would build some new organizational pieces for all of my fabric and supplies.  There’s a reason I didn’t include pictures of my closet. 😉

Up next, the living room!


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